Summer Solstice Celebrations

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Happy Solstice!

In the southern hemisphere we are celebrating the longest day of the year and its a beautiful time to celebrate the fullness of life and manifest abundance while there is lots of light being shared with this part of the earth.


It represents our ever burning inner flame and light. Ancient cultures have celebrated this point in time for hundreds of years and its a fun one to mark with spending some time in celebration.


Rituals can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like them to be. Either way, let your intuition guide you to what feels the most igniting practice for you.


I’m all about simplicity, so listed below are some ideas to get you started and a meditation you can do to connect with the magic of this point in time 🌻


  • Light candles, or have a bonfire to honour the light within and without
  • Make a flower mandala, daisy chain or flower crown (this is a fun one to do with kids)
  • Put some high vibe music on and dance freely
  • Pick some lavender or other fresh herbs and add them to your salad or make tea
  • Go for a swim and feel the expansiveness of the oceans all connected
  • Get outside and be with nature in whatever way sets your heart on fire



Download and listen later…


Whatever you choose to do, be open to the synchronicities that appear. These are fun little messages from nature and the universe that are reflecting the magic and power within you and all you are creating.


I’d love to hear what you do to celebrate this solstice! Let me know over on Facebook here. ✨


In Light,

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