What if you ask the Universe for a sign, but it doesn’t show up?

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When we learn a technique, such as meditation, healing or visualisation for the first time we often have amazing experiences that confirm things have shifted or the process has worked.


For example tingling toes, seeing light or feeling heat in the body.


Over time as we continue to practice we don’t always experience the same sensations or have the same lightbulb moments.


We ask for signs it is working, or signs that something will manifest as a result. 
But what if the signs never appear?


What if the confirmations that things are working are not there anymore, or maybe they are much more quiet?


Does it mean the work you are doing isn’t working? Are you doing it wrong? Mostly the answer is no.

Needing proof that something is working is just a sign that doubt has wiggled its way in and when doubt is present we are blocking ourselves from the next beautiful step along our path.



As much as we might want the signs to be there, because they give us a little buzz of excitement, their absence is an invitation for us to go deeper into trusting and knowing that we hold the power to make the shifts that we desire.


We can actually celebrate that the signs are not as bright or moving anymore because it often means we are becoming more aligned with the process.


We have shifted to the core of the experience and it is a beautiful thing to be in the driver’s seat of life, rather than chasing after it.


Just having the simple awareness as doubt pops in is enough to change course back into our inner power and light.


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