Ritual for Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere

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I love this time of year, Spring time. The lambs are bouncing through the fields, the trees are beginning to blossom and there is a feeling of freshness in the air.


It is a beautiful time to start anew ūüĆł


Maybe you are feeling it with the urge to spring clean and declutter your home and life?


This Saturday 23rd September 2017 in New Zealand we are experiencing Spring Equinox which is where night and day are equal in their length and hence come into balance.


This date marks the return of longer, light filled days and is known as “Light of the Earth”.


It is a perfect time to plant new seeds and invite in new experiences.


I created the video below as a guide to help you tap into the magic of the season and have also suggested a ritual below if you’d rather do it at your own pace ūüíĖ



Ritual for Spring Equinox:

If you are inside, light some candles and sit yourself in a space that feels clear and peaceful. Or if the weather is fine, take yourself outside and sit on the Earth. Face the East, or North (or a combination of both, you don’t need to be exact, it’s the intention that counts) and acknowledge the rise of the sun, bringing more light to Earth.

  • Begin with your breath, settling yourself and noticing the light within.
  • Celebrate the season of winter that has been and all that has manifest over the last year.
  • Begin to allow yourself to dream of what you want to create and manifest in your life. Feel it as being present and real for you already. Don’t question or judge it, remain open and curious.
  • Become aware of who you are becoming within your newly created vision.
  • Feel the surge of light give your dreams strength to allow them to grow.
  • Give thanks to the seasons and enjoy the balance you feel within.


We are always being influenced by the cycles of the Earth and the cosmos. The more we pay attention to the beauty of the changing seasons and bring our life into sync with them, the more richness of life we experience.


I believe that this plays an integral part in our purpose of living within and being deeply connected to the Earth. It helps us bring about more balance, harmony and happiness within our lives and those we touch. When humanity is living more connected with Mother Earth, we will treat her and each other with more love and awareness, tipping the balance and bringing more peace to Earth.


It is a juicy path, and it begins at home with us all.


In Light,

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