The Antidote to the Poison of Envy

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Do you scroll through social media feeds any chance you get for a break from the demands of life?


I’m curious… How are you feeling?


Little knotted up in the tummy because everyone else’s lives look so great?


Does it seem like everyone else is that much brighter thank you are right now?


Do you feel like they have it all together and here you are floundering?


Well Beauty, it’s all a total myth!


It’s the unrealistic highlight (and occasionally lowlight) reel of lives that only really gives a snippet of what is actually going on.


When we are always scrolling through Insa or our Facebook feed every opportunity we get, the poison of envy and comparison begins to seep into our bones and takes over, spiking cortisol levels and causing us to feel anxious and tired.


It impacts our ability to be fully present in the real life relationships we have because in the back of our mind we are wishing our lives were more fabulous.


Basically we separate ourselves from our own light and the true light of others, even though we feel like we need to use these sites to stay updated and connected.


I have nothing against social media, but I think we need to be aware and conscious of our scrolling behaviour so that it doesn’t become another thing that pulls us off our path of in-lightenment.


I’ve had to pull away from the habit of scrolling more than once before and I’m doing it again now. Yes I know that perhaps I ‘shouldn’t’ be saying that because maybe it means you won’t see the content I have to share with you as much as I’d like.


But I care more about you feeling connected with your light than feeling separated and down on yourself.


So instead I’m going to share with you a recipe that will help if you are feeling weighed down by social envy.



Antidote to the poison of Envy:

  1. Log out of the social site you are feeling hooked.
  2. Turn off your device.
  3. Go outside and take several deep breaths of fresh air.
  4. Wander around and take in the beauty of nature all around you.
  5. Allow your focus to fix on an item of particular beauty.
  6. Stare at it and marvel at the colours, the intricate details and the unique magic it brings to the environment.
  7. As you continue to stare at it, shift your focus and attention to your inner world.
  8. Through your breath, imagine you are breathing the beauty of it straight into your heart.
  9. Notice what is happening in your body. Are you relaxing a little more? Are you feeling more whole and connected to yourself rather than disconnected?
  10. Allow yourself this opportunity of connection as often as you can and soak up the beauty of nature and feel the fullness within.


Seeing the beauty in the world around us reminds us of our innate beauty, because it takes one to know one and this practice allows profound healing to occur if we allow it.


You could say this about feeling comparison too, but the low vibe feelings are just a reflection of our separated self, rather than our true self.


I’d love to know how this feels for you, please feel free to message me or leave a comment over in the FB thread here.


In Light,

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