Out of overwhelm, into peace this festive season

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This time of year my over giving tendencies tend to go into overdrive and I find I usually run full steam into Christmas running on empty.


A few weeks ago I felt the signs of this creeping in again. I had a sudden in flow of work in November and on top of all the kids activities and end of year functions and school commitments I felt like I was white water rafting through the days without a life jacket.


Stopping everything was not an option and nor did I want to, it is all fun and I do also love this time of year. But I had to change something – drinking more coffee just ends up giving me jitters and making me feel more exhausted when it wears off!


I know I’m not alone with feeling overwhelmed and exhausted this time of year and it’s supposed to be a season of connection and happiness, so today I want to share some tips with you that I’ve found helpful myself and so have others I’ve shared them with…


  • Breathe
    This is likely the easiest one to apply, yet the most overlooked! Obviously we are always breathing, but how we breathe can have a profound effect on how we experience our day to day life.So this is something we can do regardless of how busy we are or where we are.

    I began shifting my awareness to my breath when I was driving, when I was with the kids, before and during client calls and many moments in between.

    The more I focused on breathing deeply, the more I found myself present, clear minded and able to enjoy the magic in each moment so much more fully.

    Take a few deep breaths now and continue as you read the rest of these tips, notice how your body begins to relax and your energy begins to settle.

  • Simplify
    I took a pause and got clear on what is most important to me to experience during this time.My focus became flow, connection and magic. With each next or new thing that came into my to do list, I asked myself if it feels in alignment with my intentions for the month.

    If it didn’t I declined or put it on hold. This has created so much more room for more flow and energy to return.

    What are your intentions for the month?


  • Listen
    In the midst of being busy we can often cut off our senses and miss so much magic and beauty. I’ve chosen to tune my senses to listening in various ways that feel fulfilling to me.For example, I choose to focus on the sounds of the kids laughing together, the happy Christmas carols, the tuis singing in the trees and also the quiet.

    I let those sounds carry through my ears and into my body. I feel where they settle and focus on that space in me. Feeling and enjoying the happiness and love they bring with them.

    What sounds bring you joy? Where do they land in your body? How does that make you feel?

  • Nurture
    I think to myself, “If I was one of my kids, feeling tired and slightly fragile, what would I do for and with them?”  Then I turn that same mothering towards myself, because if I am not happy and well rested, I’m not as able to fully be there for them.

      • I have early nights (when possible)
      • I take breaks throughout the day (even if I don’t feel like there is time) to get some vit D and enjoy the nature outside.
      • I drink lots of water, sometimes with two drops of doTERRA Lemon essential oil for cleansing, other times one drop of doTERRA Peppermint for a boost of energy and before bed I take two drops of doTERRA lavender oil in water to help with a deeper night sleep.

    How are you feeling right now? What would you do for your child if they were feeling the same way?

The beauty of these points is that none of them add any extra time or weight on my ‘to do list’. Instead they bring in more happiness and allow me to still fully enjoy the magic of this season while still getting things done.


I hope they also bring more lightness into your life too.


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In Light,

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