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I was just going to shoot a video for you about how to let nature be your oracle guide and I looked down and there was a little earth worm being brought in by the waves.


This caught my eye because it was so out of place in the ocean, I don’t think it was a sea worm, I’m not even sure if they exist in New Zealand waters and I’ve never seen one in the ocean before.


So I picked it up and put it into the grassy bank and it wriggled away happily.


This is a perfect moment of magic because the video I was about to share was all about using the beauty of the world around us as our guide.


A few months ago I was really feeling like I needed to get a new oracle card deck. I have some already but they just were not resonating anymore. I kept hearing my intuition tell me that nature is my guide.


So I listened and began looking more closely at the beauty all around me in nature and feeling the messages it had for me.
Other times I would close my eyes and see what animal, tree or crystal would come to mind and sense what this had to tell me.


Sometimes out of curiosity I would Google it further to see what the symbolic meaning of it was and it was always so fun to learn how perfect the totem was for me at the time.


It has been such a fun practice for me that has brought me closer to nature and the magic of this earth we live within. I’ve shared it with some clients and they have also loved the practice, so today I wanted to share it with you too 😍



Back to my little worm messenger and how I intuit the guidance it showed up to give me… When I think of what earthworms do, they cleanse the soil and rejuvenate it. Without their healing our world would be very toxic and I’m sure much harder for life to exist and thrive.


So what does this mean to me?
Well it was a perfect reflection of what we experienced in this months new moon meditation. It was a very grounding energy and the little worm was reinforcing this need within me, and I believe if you are reading this, it is likely a calling within you too.


I feel the invitation from our little worm to merge with the Earth. To let its neutralising properties melt away any low vibe energies that we are carrying.


When we work with the earth, it is also important to give back, just as the worms do. So its a beautiful practice to send your love into the earth as a returning gift.


What does the symbology of the earthworm mean to you?


In Light,

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