How to Raise your Vibration with the Upward Spiral

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The other day when I went down to the beach with a friend, we had a visit from a baby Sea Lion. It was very magical because it also happened to be on the day of the full moon and the Lion’s Gate.


As I meditated on the symbology and message of our little Sea Lion, I got the image of our energetic spiral and I’d love to share this understanding with you because it provides so much choice and empowerment.


If you feel the energy of a downward spiral, closing in on itself, getting more and more restricted and tense you will feel the energy of limitation and restriction.


When you feel into the energy of the upward spiral, extending out and up it brings feelings of expansion, freedom and love.


We can use the understanding of this spiral to become aware of how we are being in any moment.


With this self awareness comes the power of choice. We can decide if we want to move our vibration up the spiral, or just stay where we are.


An important piece here is not to judge ourselves as we observe and decide. If we let our decision be OK, we are allowing ourselves more freedom to expand into higher vibes when we are ready.



When we are ready to choose to raise our vibration we can do this by simply taking some deep breathes, settling ourself and imagine our energy swirling up and out.


Allow the freedom of movement without restriction as much as possible, feel your energetic self expand and enjoy the enhanced feelings of happiness as you do.


This is a beautiful practice to take into the beginning of your meditation or use it anytime you are wanting a boost in your mood by simply breathing, becoming aware of yourself and if you choose expanding up and out.


In Light,

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