Full Moon Ritual for more Freedom & Flow

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When you look up to the sky and see the moon, full in all her glory, do you get the heebie jeebies and run for cover, or does it activate your inner goddess?


We all react differently when the moon cycles around to full again, but what if we could call on the luminosity of the moon to ground us in our power, to claim our purpose and grow our strength as we shine our unique light to the world?


I’d love to share some specific things you can do to activate your inner shine and claim this time of the lunar cycle to grow and become.


The full moon is a great time of reflection because it shines light on all areas. So make awareness your key ally and take some time to yourself to bring to light any areas of your life that are not working as you’d like them to be.


This could be in your work, relationships, finances, social or spiritual, just let your intuition guide you to any area that feels stuck or stressed. Ask yourself what is specifically not working in this area and take note of the feelings that arise when you do this.


Then ask yourself how you’d rather be experiencing that area of your life. Let the vision, feelings and energy come to you, allow yourself to bask in this vision.

  • Where in your life can you slow down?
  • Where can you invite in more abundance?
  • Where can you speak out more, be more of your true self?
  • What areas need more love & nurturing?


With this awareness you are in a powerful position to begin to take action to make the changes needed to set free anything that isn’t working and make room for something new to manifest.




Here are some fun ways for you to do this practice:


  • Take a bath in epsom salts and lavender oil. Feel the cyclic wisdom within the water supporting and holding you. This water might have once been ice crystals on the top of a mountain, snow flakes gently falling, ocean waves or clouds.


  • Shake it off! If you are feeling particularly stuck in an area, dance baby, dance! Put on your favourite music to get you moving, and let your body be set free. If it’s been a while this might feel a bit odd at first, but go with it. Don’t worry what you look like, don’t worry about being in sync with the music, just let the music move you. Become aware of the freedom in your body as you set the stickiness free. For extra juice, dance barefoot on the earth!


  • Take a walk in nature. Be aware of your feet connecting with the earth with each step and let this rhythm guide you into your awareness and through the other side to the solutions that will serve you.


  • Have some friends over for a full moon party. Sometimes a listening ear or two works wonders if you need to talk through a situation. Share your dreams and visions for your future and explore action steps that will take you there.


Remember rituals don’t have to be serious!! When we are laughing and having fun we are more connected to our light, and that’s the whole point. 🤣


Let yourself lighten up! Let yourself laugh (cry too if you need to!) Allow freedom, self expression and vibrance to have a place in the way you choose to bring more light and empowerment into your business & life.



In Light,

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