Don’t Reach for enlightenment

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“How to can I reach enlightenment?”


It is a question that has resounded through the minds of spiritual seekers since time began.


I’d like to suggest you stop trying!


Why? Not because I don’t think that the blissful state of nirvana isn’t possible, no.


Because I think that constantly going after enlightenment is the wrong way of looking at it.



I first heard of the term ‘in-lightenment’ from my spiritual teachers DZAR and I like that so much better.


When we realise that the Light we seek to become is already within us and is us, we no longer need to search, we no longer need to go after the elusive enlightened state.


Instead our journey becomes one of allowing more of our inner light to be discovered.


What we pay attention to grows, so the more we are nurturing our inner Light, which is the frequency of love and compassion, the more it strengthens.


The more we embody our spiritual Self and the less pain and struggle we experience because energy reflects energy and we are no longer a frequency match for the undesired experiences.


In Light,

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