Are you living with abundance blocks?


How can you tell?


Does money show up for you in a way that you feel truly happy with?


Maybe you:

  • Cringe when your bills show up
  • Go into denial about your bank account
  • Feel powerless to make or create more money in your life
  • Feel limited in regards to receiving from others

Do any of these sound familiar?

“Claire has a concise, empowering way she delivers her message, that is easy to integrate into life. Claire’s ability to demonstrate this awareness through her workshops and coaching is magical and so full of lightness, love and joy.”

Corrie Taylor


“Rebecca is empowering me to step into my power to live my dream life … I have already expanded my vision and made amazing progress … I feel absolute confidence that with her coaching I can achieve anything and that’s priceless to me.”

Charlotte Howard
Rapid Transformation Therapist



When you feel that you can really trust money to be there for you, you will feel more secure and happy in your life in general.


When you look inward at your beliefs you can identify ones that are holding you back. Then you can challenge yourself around whether they are serving you or not, so you can let go of limitations.


Here are some common beliefs that hold people back from naturally attracting abundance. As you read through them, be curious if any feel true to you…

  • Wealthy people are ruthless, unkind or greedy…
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees…
  • It’s not spiritual to be wealthy…
  • Money is a necessary evil…


If any of the above made your tummy tighten as you read them, then it’s time to break up with your money blocks, set yourself free and release yourself from the heaviness of limitation!


Join Claire and Rebecca on this 90-minute workshop where will be sharing some of the top limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and stepping you through a process to clear them.


You’ll take away practical tools that you can use in your everyday life that are quick and easy to be able to increase your vibration AND your ability to create abundance.


“Rebecca has helped me to find a part of myself that was lost and struggling to be heard. Her guidance has helped me to take great leaps of faith and trust myself more when making life changing decisions.”

Lauralea Matterson


“Claire is a wise, compassionate and gifted energy healer. Her workshop allows people the opportunity to become aware of and clear energetic blocks to uncover their true, shining selves.”

Katherine Aucoin
New Mothers Coach


What’s included…

  • An understanding about the five main money blocks that hold people back
  • We will take you through a process to identify what your specific blocks are
  • Support in gaining clarity about what you want manifest in your financial life
  • A group energy clearing session to release your energetic patterns and blocks around money
  • We will share specific actionable practices that you can work with to increase your abundance
  • BONUS Live Q&A session with Rebecca & Claire to check in with your progress and celebrate your success


After the workshop you will receive a downloadable audio recording of the whole event + a seperate audio of the energy clearing session so that you can continue to use the energy clearing in your life.

Your hosts for this webinar:

Rebecca Davison

“I had $3.50 in my bank account, maxed out credit cards and a mortgage payment due in 24 hours. Learn the manifesting skills I used to create a five-figure deposit into my bank account when I seriously needed it the most.”

Rebecca Davison is an Intuitive Coach and Conscious Thought Leader who is passionate about people activating their innate ability to experience abundance and joy through the development of their intuition. An international speaker, writer and mentor she empowers people to break loose from their own limitations to live the life deep down they know is possible, one filled with opportunities, fulfilment and pleasure.

Claire Shamilla

“I always dreamed of living in a home by the sea, but every time I thought about my mind would jump in with thoughts like “that will never be possible for you”. One year ago we manifested our vision and we now live in a gorgeous rural beach town, just a few minutes from the ocean”

Claire is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Coach who supports light workers to step out of the spiritual closet and share their light and gifts with the world. She’s supported people from all over the world to move through the blocks that are holding them back. You can find her at:

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