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It is 4.15am as I sit here and write this letter to you, the waning moon is shining in through the window and the second week of the school holidays is drawing to an end.


The past two weeks have been quite the mixed bag, mostly I feel so filled up with gratitude that I have been able to spend the last two weeks at home with Bella and Oli. I love having a break in the routine, not making school lunches for two weeks feels so freeing! It has always been top priority for me to create a business and life where I could be there for and with them. You might have caught the Full Moon Facebook Live Energy balance which was a good preview into the real life of school holidays 😉


On the other hand, I’ve missed being able to immerse myself in my energy work… undistracted. I’ve felt the demanding pull in so many directions that has made me feel like I’m not doing any one thing fully.


I came across this great meme (origin unknown) on Insta that describes my vibes perfectly


These two weeks have been a great reminder of the power that self awareness plays when it comes to playing a role in my life which demands a lot of giving of myself to others.


It has been a long standing pattern of mine (and a common pattern I see in my clients) where I give to everyone else first and myself last, maybe this sounds familiar to you as you read this too.


As lucky as we are to have people in our lives to give to, whether that is children, loved ones or clients, it can be so taxing to be always giving away our energy to others, without being open to receive and most importantly, receive from ourselves!


We hear a lot now of the importance of meditation and taking baths by candle light to recharge our batteries. These are beautiful ways to give to ourselves, yet often even as we do these things, we are thinking of others, not really present in the act of receiving from ourselves.


When we surrender to receive the love from ourselves that we so generously give to others, our heart expands and deepens. We cultivate more solid ground to give of ourselves to others.


“Share from your love of Self not your denial of Self because Energy reflects Energy and there is more than enough denial already in your world.”DZAR


Recently in the Oracle workshop I shared the technique of humming and in our deepening circle participants shared how much they loved the experience.


When we hum, we bring ourselves out of the stress response and into more of a balanced state where we can access our whole self more easily.


Want to try it? Place your hand on your heart and just hum. Don’t restrict yourself as you do it (you might want to be somewhere alone where you can let your voice freely express)


What happens for you? 💛


If you are ready to invite a new, more balanced way of living and serving the world, join me on Facebook (here) for the June New Moon Manifesting Energy Balance this Sunday at 8pm.


The new moon is a perfect time to create because it is the beginning of a new cycle. I will be guiding you through a manifesting ceremony and then an energetic balance to align you with your desires. I’m excited to see what we create together!



As within, so without,

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