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We live in a society where more is considered better.

There is an endless search for the next best thing that will bring us happiness.

The wonderful Wayne Dyer once said that his favourite affirmation when he felt stuck or out of sorts is

“Whatever I need is already here and it is for my highest good.”

How stunningly reassuring is it to settle into the peacefulness of that?  It creates an opening for us to end the constant chase for more.  In today’s video I expand on this with a beautiful quote from DZAR.

“You’re already Whole and already here.”DZAR

When we feel that longing for something outside of us to bring us happiness, it is a great time to pause and connect to who we truly are.

I’d love to hear from you…

What tricks or techniques do you use to reconnect with your space of of happiness within?

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  1. Thank you Claire, that’s such a beautiful thing to be reminded of, that we’re already Whole – perfect gift of love on Valentine’s Day!

  2. The energy and enthusiasm of this presentation is a beautiful gift, Claire, that led to a little oasis of time—a few minutes of just observing full deep breaths as they became slower and slower, allowing the peaceful energy to fill and seep out of the body through the skin. Thank you!

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